Pop the bikes on the bike rack and the motorhome gives you access to some of the world’s most spectacular cycling routes. Also a motorhome is a great vehicle to watch the Tour De France or as a support vehicle for doing Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Some of the best cyling in Europe:

Austrian lakes

The Austrian landscape of mountains and rolling churches are dotted with picturesque churches and stunning lakes. Such a beautiful setting is the perfect place to explore on your bike. Take in the famous floating castle on Lake Traunsee and ride alongside the river banks; there’s no better way to spend a long weekend!

Provence, France

Filled with chestnut forests and rolling lavender fields, Provence is a rural haven that attracts cyclists from afar. Discover a hidden chateaux and indulge in the local wines and fine local dining. You can truly lose yourself on a cycling trip in Provence.

Cyprus cycling

The undulating terrain alongside the fantastic views makes Cyprus a prime cycling location. Cycling by vineyards and olive groves, tackling the occasional hill and stopping enjoy a beautiful coastal view is more than enough to make Cyprus the destination of choice for many cyclists.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Also a popular hiking trail, the pilgrimage route to Camino de Santiago is an outstanding trip for cyclists as well. Choose from a number of different starting points and stop off in nearby villages along the way. Culture is always on the menu on this trail!

Porto, Portugal

Cycling in Portugal is perfect for those looking for a relaxing trip in a beautiful landscape. Stop off and enjoy the variety of bays and beaches along the way. Be sure not to miss pink flamingos in the lagoon!

Mountain biking, Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you’re up for more a challenge then mountain biking in this region is exactly what you need. You’ll need a good level of fitness and plenty of pedal power but it’s certainly worth it! Visit the famous Old Bridge at Mostar and take in the sights of the mountains.

Gozo, Malta

A small island off the coast of Malta, this tranquil island is the ultimate cycle destination for those that love a bit of peace and quiet. The quaint, quiet lanes and stunning views of Mediterranean make for one of the most enjoyable and relaxing cycling locations in the world.

North Holland, The Netherlands

Holland is famous for its bicycle and the beautifully flat landscape in the North of the country is perfect for gentle cycling. There’s a huge variety of routes to take so you can choose whichever setting takes your fancy. Choose from cycling through anywhere from the cobbled streets to the dune forests in the National Park. There’s something for everyone in Holland.

The Pyrenees, Spain

The Pyrenees trails are certainly not easy but you’ll definitely reap the rewards of such a challenging ride. Mountain bikers absolutely love this location as there’s a huge range of forest tracks, ridges and some difficult climbs; it’s all topped off with one of the best views in Iberian Peninsula.