Booking & Payment

As a requirement of the insurance company, to cover the cost of any damage to the vehicle whilst it is in your possession, including but not limited to the insurance excess.

Once we have inspected the campervan/motorhome with you and confirmed there is no damage or excessive cleaning required we will transfer the £750 back onto your card. This can take up to 10 working days to process.

Cheque, BACS or card payment at least a 6 weeks before your departure date.

All drivers must be present at collection. We will need to see the plastic card part of the driving licence and also a printout from the DVLA - please see Alongside this we also need a proof of address for every driver, matching the address on the licence (e.g. council tax, telephone or utility bill dated within the last 3 months). You can e-mail a copy when booking and show us the originals when you pick the Motorhome up. We need you to complete the booking process and provide a non-refundable booking deposit of £150 to secure your booking.

Any age between 25 and 70 is permitted by our insurers as standard and with standard premiums. However, the insurers will often insure other drivers either at a surcharge or subject to the hirer agreeing to a larger excess. All drivers are subject to approval by our insurers.

It depends how many! Generally up to six points for speeding are no problem and won’t cost extra. Hirers must not have had more than 1 accident in the last three years. Please contact us before booking if you do not meet the above criteria, as there may be an insurance surcharge and in exceptional circumstances we may not be able to hire to you if we can not obtain insurance that covers you to drive.

Choose your motorhome, select your dates and click book!

You can buy a policy to cover your £750 security deposit, this costs £13 per day and can be selected from the booking form at the time of booking online.


The most important reason is cost but this does not detract from quality. Hymer ever since their first model have been known for their design and quality. Our motorhomes are in fantastic condition and are fully functional and regularly serviced. They do all that a modern motorhome can at half the cost and in far greater style (in our opinion!) – more like a country cottage than a Canary Wharf apartment.

The Hymer S700′s, S670 and S550 have roof racks and roof ladders which enables canoes, surfboards, windsurfing kit in a quiver bag, skis, kite boards, snow boards etc. to be carried without affecting living space inside the motorhome. There is also a bike rack for two/four bikes on the back, depending on which Hymer.

The best way of doing this is to pick a motorhome with a towbar and either hire or bring your own trailer.

Some not all of our motorhomes have towbars – for the smaller motorhomes they can tow a load up to 1 ton (depending on how laden the motorhome is) for the larger motorhomes (twin rear wheels) they can tow up to 2 tons (again depending on how laden the motorhome is) Motorhomes with towbars: Ralph, Otto, Smithers, Bob Bart, Edna, Blinky, Homer

No – at this time our motorhomes are not compliant.

Yes. The Hymers are made with a good level of insulation in the floor as well as insulated walls and roof and gas fire with air blown heating. The Hymers are regular visitors to colder climes and are ideal for summer touring or for a winter skiing holiday. From the Hymer website: “All Hymer body shells are based on the patented “Hymer PUAL” technology. The PUAL system ensures extremely good insulation, against both heat in the summer, and cold in the winter, in all Hymer vehicles. In addition, the construction is absolutely impervious to water and is rotproof. PUAL body components are cast in one piece and are therefore extremely tough and resistant. The outer skin made of stove enamelled alluminium is UV resistant”

Yes. There is a gas powered hot water heater which will heat water to 50 or 70 degrees (depending on what you choose), so you can have hot water even if you are not staying somewhere with electric hookup. This gives hot and cold running water in both sinks (kitchen and bathroom) and for the shower. All three have mixer taps, just like home!

If the motorhome is 3.5t or less then yes. If the motorhome is 7.5t or less and you passed your driving test before 1997 then you are automatically entitled as you will have category C1 on you driving licence. If you passed your test after 1997 you had to take a separate test. Licence requirements are mentioned on the description for each motorhome.

We are able to hire to most non-UK residents without problems – Australia, New Zealand, European Union, USA, Canada, South Africa etc. More often than not the driving licence requirements are the same as the UK.

Your driving licence, with code C1 and 107, allows you to drive a vehicle weighing up to 8250 Kg until you reach the age of 70 when the limit automatically drops down to 3500 KG. If you wish to continue driving a vehicle over 3500 Kg then after filling certain forms and meeting the requirements of a medical with your GP the DVLA will restore the weight limit. After this the same procedure will apply every three years. These procedures need to be done at least three months before the birthday as the DVLA require three months for processing your new licence. When applying for your driving licence on approaching 70 make sure that you ask to retain all the classifications that you require. If not told otherwise, the DVLA will assume that you only wish to retain the classification for a car.

No – at this time our motorhomes are not compliant.

The Hymer’s all run on diesel.

All our motorhomes have refillable LPG gas bottles, so you can simply go to an LPG petrol station and refill. We do not charge for gas and the bottles will be at least half full at time of departure.

The berth gives the amount of people that can sleep in them.

Yes CD/Radio with Ipod aux port.

No, as long as you remember you are driving something bigger than a car and adapt your driving accordingly – and of course avoid height restricted car parks and low bridges etc. The biggest mistake people make is forgetting about the length of the Hymer – it will turn on a sixpence but it does have a large bum that sticks out! The motorhome will cruise at 60-70 mph on the motorway with ease.

Yes – there is a three way fridge and freezer which runs off gas, 240v electricity (when on hookup at a campsite) and 12v (powered by a leisure battery which charges whilst driving). It is recommended that 240v is used for the fridge where electric hookup is available, 12v whilst driving (as the battery chargers whilst driving) and gas when stopped without electric hookup (to avoid flattening the battery as all fridges use a lot of power and will drain a leisure battery in a day or two).

Yes, there is a four burner gas hob.

If you are at a site with electric hook up, there are three 3 pin plug sockets in the van. If you aren’t at a site with hookup then you can use the power from the leisure battery which charges whilst driving. This should last at least 2 days without recharging. We also have a suitcase generator that is available to hire.

If you are on electric hookup then you can use your normal hairdryer – if you are not on electric hookup then you can use one of our 12v hairdryers. We can supply you one of these free of charge. You have to look your best in one of our motorhomes :-)

All of the motorhomes are designed to be used 'off grid'. All of the features of the motorhome work without being plugged into electricity - fridge, internal lights, hot water, heating tv etc... but these all run from gas or 12v. If you need to run something from 240v (eg hairdryer) then you would need either electric hookup or you could hire one of our generators for your holiday. (please be aware that not all campsites will allow you to run a generator)

Collection and Return

Subject to availability this may be possible. An additional hire charge may be payable – ask for details. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Subject to availability this may be possible. An additional hire charge may be payable – ask for details. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Yes. Upon arrival we will show you around the vehicle and show you how everything works. There is also an onboard manual.

We are on some occasions able to deliver but this does depend on where and when.

Collection is from Springfield Business Park, Moorend rd, Potterspury, Northamptonshire, NN12 7QG – just off the A5 (behind SuperSausage Cafe). 15 minutes from Junction 15 of the M1. Collection is from 3pm and return by 11am (we will try to be as flexible as possible).

The motorhome comes with plates, bowls, cups, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons, kettle, saucepans, frying pan and cooking utensils. There is also Tea, Coffee, Sugar and salt/pepper. Folding picnic chairs and table and BBQ. You will need to bring (this list is not exhaustive): Clothes & Toiletries. · Personal items needed for your holiday. · Food & drink.

We also provide a barbecue, a torch, Sat Nav (available on request) 12v hairdryer (available on request), Child seat (£20/week), Honda suitcase generator (£50/week) , various games and playing cards.

On Holiday

Depending upon which motorhome is hired and how well behaved they are :-). There are no pets allowed in Moe.

All our vehicles are well maintained, serviced and MOTd so hopefully you won’t! If you do, breakdown cover is included in the cost of your holiday. (Details in user manual) If it isn’t possible to get you going again, we will try to find alternative vehicle or if not possible we will refund the balance of your hire fee.

Yes, subject to approval by our insurers and payment of an insurance surcharge of £7 per day. (minimum hire 1 week) All UK hires come with unlimited mileage. For hires to Europe a mileage limit may apply depending on the length of your hire. The following Countries are covered by the European motorhome insurance. Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland including Liechtenstein. Travel outside of these countries listed above will be in breach of these terms and conditions. Please check your route carefully and ensure it doesn’t go outside these countries.

Most people are concerned about seatbelts in the motorhomes. Some of our motorhomes are manufactured between 1989 and 1994 and as such only the front 2 seat belts are compulsory. Please see the individual motorhome pages for details.

More details can be found:

Yes, although our motorhomes have an LPG tank they are not powered by LPG. They will check that your bottle is switched off.

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