Europe offers spectacular fishing from monster carp and catfish to wild salmon and trout. Pack you gear in the motorhome and seek out that monster!

The European continent is loaded with fishing sites that have been enjoyed and exploited since the days of the Greeks and Romans. The Mediterranean, a body of water that spawned many great civilizations, is a seafaring region with boats and yachts plying every square mile of the water with a fishing pole at any given time. The North Sea is home to legendary fishing grounds as well, but the best fishing in Europe is actually inland. Search the Alpine rivers and lakes or just anywhere in Iceland and you will find some of the best angling in the region. - Guide to the best carp fishing in the UK. - Guide to best fishing spots in the UK. - Guide to fishing in Portugal. - Best fishing spots by country.

Laxá River, Iceland

The picturesque location and great fishing makes this the perfect fishing getaway. 20 pound salmon aren’t uncommon on this fly fishing river and there are plenty of lodges nearby for accommodation.

Alta River, Norway

The Arctic waters of this Norwegian river provide some of the best salmon fishing in the world. An average catch in this river is around 25 pounds but catches as big as 50 pounds are fairly common!

Orkney Islands, Scotland

There’s plenty of variety in the fishing on the Orkney Islands. The various lochs offer everything from salmon and trout to bass, hake and shark.

The West Coast, Ireland

Wild Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon are all in plentiful supply in the rivers of Western Ireland. Of course the homely Irish food and a pint of Guinness won’t go amiss either!

Kola Peninsula, Russia

This is a prime location for exceptional Salmon fishing. The Iron Curtain restricted access to this area for a long time but now it is enjoyed by fisherman everywhere.

Canary Islands, Spain

Forget the sunbeds and resorts, the Canary Islands are perfect for catching a huge variety of species including Blue Marlin, Wahoo and Tuna.

Lapland, Sweden

This largely untouched area of Sweden sits inside the Arctic Circle is a prime fishing ground for Grayling, Whitefish, Brown Trout and Arctic Char. Remember to wrap up warm though!

The Alps, Switzerland

This stunning landscape is the ideal place for a relaxing fishing trip in Switzerland. The vibrant green and blue lakes amidst snow-capped mountains are a sight to behold.

Rio Ebro, Spain

This Spanish river is best known for its catfish and carp that can reach up to 300 pounds. If big fish are your game then this Spanish river is the perfect place to be. The river is renowned for the huge Catfish and Carp that have been known to reach 300 pounds.

The North, Italy

The North of Italy has a great variety of fishing spots from the fast rivers in the Alps to the more gentle rivers in Tuscany. There are plenty of places to stop off for a spot of fly fishing if want a few more days away.